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Culinary delights

Culinary delights from the hotel kitchen


“Here, near Meran in the heart of South Tyrol, good and healthy food is a matter of course. It simply cannot be otherwise!”

At the Hotel Mesnerwirt, where not just the kitchen staff are true gourmets but the Gruber family too all know how to recognise what is truly good, cooking is not in fact a major topic of discussion. Freshness, passion and all-round tastiness are all simply a matter of course in the hotel kitchens!

When truffle met sage …

Freshness. Skill. Love. “These three ingredients make each recipe perfect”, says the head chef Gerardo . “Ours is honest cooking”. The produce of the landscape – flavoured with herbs that underline, rather than undermine, its pure taste – is a delight for gourmet dishes and hearts. “Our guests appreciate the good things in life, and so do we.” Thus the menu might feature lasagnette containing a hint of Alpine freshness together with mountain lamb that possesses a Mediterranean touch. Creativity allows such licence to be taken – cooking is after all an art form.

Pleasure for all

We are happy to buy from our local farmers, thus on the one hand aiding the local economy, while on the other letting us prepare special dishes that reflect what the landscape and the season can offer.

Taste is artfully presented at the Hotel Mesnerwirt, whether in the form of themed breakfasts, Italian evenings, ever-changing afternoon buffets or a welcome aperitif to launch the holiday series of culinary delights. We will also be delighted to satisfy particular wishes and nutritional requirements! Our motto – “pleasure for all”.

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