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Alpine ambience, Belle Époque charm and rural space – a holiday spent in Hafling near Meran, in the very heart of South Tyrol, means enjoyment that is all-in-one and offers the best of all.

Looking out from Hafling, placed on the brim of the high plateau of the Tschögglberg, towards the north reveals the ring of summits that forms the backdrop to the elegant city of Meran. The high peaks and the spa town are equally tempting – it is not easy to decide for one or the other. Perhaps it is better to stay just where you are, as the mountain village of Hafling also bursts with charm. Walkers who stop, sit awhile and watch the clouds will understand why the Tschögglberg plateau is called the “sun terrace of Meran”. Taking a deep breath lets you feel the strength of forest and meadow penetrating the lungs, indeed every cell. You are absorbing the strength of the mountains.

This land, the area around Hafling, is just waiting to be discovered! Between the adventures of the landscape and the culture of the cities, between the thermal baths, the aloe vera, the standing stones and the cinema in the mountains there is so much to see and do! No need to sit still. But you can if you want, of course. Enjoy speck dumplings up at a mountain hut or stroll along the Passer Promenade, completely focused on the imperial charm of the spa town. Whether in the colours of spring, in fresh summer green, in the many hues of autumn or completely clad in winter white – Hafling and its surroundings offer an experience of nature and adventures that are not limited by the seasons – but simply by your own spirit of discovery.

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