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What could be better than enjoying winter on the mountain and spring in the valley?

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Stoanerne Mandlen

The Stone Men in Avelengo, South Tyrol

Stoanerne Mandlen – the Stone Men

Nowhere else features standing stones in such numbers as can be found 2,000 metres above Hafling: the “Stoanernen Mandlen” remain a mystery even today. Perhaps built by shepherds out of sheer boredom, or to serve as a way-marker? They at any rate relate (hi)stories: flint tools have been discovered nearby and engravings left on the stones. No one knows who created them, which is exactly what makes them so fascinating. The “Stoanernen Mandlen” look as if a strong gust could knock them down, yet they still stand there. History is not merely ephemeral. Their mysticism and appearance have made these cairns into a popular destination that can be reached on foot and also by bike.

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