Alla Chiesa 2 . I - 39010 Avelengo above Merano South Tyrol
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Ambience & Interior

A feeling of perfection in the hotel in Avelengo

Ambience & Interior

It is the little things that make up the big picture and the fine details that produce a feeling of perfection!

In the words of your host, Denisa: “When the colours, forms and materials of the rooms are in perfect harmony, guests too feel the benefit of this balance.” In her view it is the details that count. When you feel good in a particular place yet cannot quite say why, perhaps the reason lies in the carefully co-ordinated lighting, or the pictures on the walls that echo the colour of the room, or the decoration that subtly completes the effect, heightens the atmosphere or relates a tale of passion: “My passion for the little things in life. For the details.”

“The aesthetic is immediately obvious: whereas quality is apparent to those who look a little more closely.”

Hotel owner Manfred Gruber puts it so: “The beds of genuine, high-quality walnut wood, their smell, their feel – guests sense all this as soon as they enter the room. They notice that the fittings, from the lamps to the fine wooden flooring, are all of the highest quality and carefully chosen, and they see the way the wardrobes are arranged and how the bathroom furnishings are selected. Even if they cannot say exactly where they notice this passion and devotion, they are simply there.”

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Excellent and varied cuisine.
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