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Family & Values

The hosts of the Hotel Mesnerwirt near Merano


“Our family is more than the sum of its individuals. Our family is the heart and soul of this hotel.”

“You basically only need two things to run a business together successfully as a family: the knowledge that there will always be differences that are mutually complementary, and the certainty that every activity and effort is guided by the same vision”, says hotelier Manfred Gruber. At the Hotel Mesnerwirt the common aim is to create an atmosphere that makes it pleasant and easy for each guest to relax, to feel welcome and looked after, sometimes to be a little pampered – all by people who genuinely enjoy doing what they do. Our motto (written at the front door) is “Welcome, you are in good hands”: something you notice as soon as you enter.

Happiness lies in the little things – in laughter that comes from the heart; in conversation that goes that bit deeper; in gestures that signify appreciation.


The good fairy of the hotel, she knows the answers to many of life’s questions. Her openness, warmth and cheerful disposition make her an impassioned hostess who feels most at home when among others. When things get hectic, she remains calm; her level-headedness and humour go hand in hand; that is Lisl.


An expert on South Tyrol, who not only has the best tips for getting to know land and people, but also loves accompanying guests to the finest places the region has to offer – or at least telling all about them! Active, full of life and with a heart bursting of tales just waiting to be told, this is how his guests have known Luis over the years.

Since last year a voice so dear to us has remained silent.
A special person, who has always been there for us, is no longer among us.
All we have left are grateful memories that nobody can take away from us.

Thank you, Luis!


When Denisa is there, the world is a little brighter. Not just for her husband, hotelier Manfred Gruber, but also for her guests. With her sense for the aesthetic and her passion for decoration, Denisa ensures that the hotel is pervaded by wonderful colours, forms and materials, and that this is also reflected in the service provided: not just by meeting guests’ wishes, but by anticipating them. Professionalism, hard work and enthusiasm are the values that Denisa lives and loves.


If Denisa is the heart, then husband Manfred represents the head and spirit of the hotel. He thinks beyond the four walls, beyond the village, indeed beyond the region with his clear visions and goals, and makes every effort to achieve them. Manfred sets the direction, yet his characteristic sense of family and team spirit mean he never imposes his will. His sporting nature can be seen not just in his management style, but also when he is out on his bike or running.

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Excellent and varied cuisine.
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