Alla Chiesa 2 . I - 39010 Avelengo above Merano South Tyrol
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Crystal clear views, fresh mountain air and agreeable temperatures.
Enjoy the golden autumn with all its benefits!

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Our House

A lot of room to relax at the Hotel near Merano


Open, elegant, multi-faceted, natural. An establishment that reflects the land where it is located; a garden landscape; and a hotel that not only stands in, but also for, a region.

“People need not only space and room, they also need nooks and crannies. We have thought of both.” A tour through the house and garden immediately reveals the underlying philosophy: sometimes it is possible to feel most space where one can retreat the furthest, and vice versa. There is the lobby, the lounge, the hotel bar; the terrace, the lawn, with garden swings and cocoons in the beech wood. All marked by an elegance that is so well designed there is no trace of showiness. Music, lighting, decoration and the paintings on the wall – nothing is left to chance. The Mesnerwirt’s passion for perfection makes sure of that.

Thus every flower and plant has its place in the garden. The beeches of the nearby wood are reflected in the water of the pond. Nature herself has provided the trees that reign here freely. People simply build their nests here, in the truest sense of the word: wooden walkways lead under the treetops to cosy little “nests”, to swing seats and cocoons, that invite guests to let body and soul drift away. Breathe in the forest scents, feel the sun on your skin: that is garden wellness.

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