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Teamwork in the Hotel in Avelengo


“A well-run hotel is always a matter of teamwork. Only if our core beliefs are put into effect by every individual in the operation can guests see and feel them.”

“Only if you feel right in the place you work can you fully develop your skills”, believes Manfred Gruber, head of the Hotel Mesnerwirt. “And for people to feel right, they have to feel appreciated.” The Hotel Mesnerwirt is obviously proud of its skilled staff. “Happiness in your work is absolutely fundamental! It comes across to the guests as honest enthusiasm.” Manfred’s words are confirmed by his guests, as well as by his staff, who radiate satisfaction, openness and self-assurance.

“I think it’s wonderful, welcoming people who are coming on holiday. I like to make them feel they’ve come to the right place when they arrive here. For me it is a question of ‘Come in and enjoy the calm.”
Sandra, is the receptionist and the “face” of the hotel.

“Good food makes people happy – and good, healthy food makes them even happier! But cooking for me means more: cooking is an art. And there are many art lovers who come to the Hotel Mesnerwirt.”
Gerardo, chef. 

“My job is to recognise the needs of my customers even before they do. I love pampering people and seeing how much good it does them.”
Johanna, beauty-leader. She helps guests relax and recuperate in the SPA-area.

“I am always focused on perfection. Only if you take the smallest details into consideration will the overall picture be right.”
Denisa Gruber, hotelier. She is responsible for the hotel’s outstanding service and the treasured details.

“Our greatest motivation is not just to fulfil our guests’ expectations, but if possible to exceed them.”
Manfred Gruber, hotelier. He manages the Hotel Mesnerwirt with much passion as a family business in second generation.

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Excellent and varied cuisine.
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