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It’s good to stay safe!

It has always been our aim to make sure your holiday represents a carefree and precious moment. All the more so now and, in these times, we are just as welcoming and friendly as ever. On the contrary – while we have always paid attention to our guests’ concerns, we will now be listening even more closely. And our smile too is that little bit more radiant, even behind the mask... you can see it in our eyes. :-)


We take every measure and regulation very seriously, but that does not mean we have lost our cheerfulness. That is something that is just as much a part of us as you are of the Mesnerwirt! That’s why we are now forging ahead with our plans to ensure you enjoy the relaxing holiday at the Mesnerwirt that you expect... and deserve!



  • Guests with a valid Green Pass (EU Digital COVID Certificate) are permitted to check-in in hotels use cable cars and lifts.
  • Children under 12 years are escluded from this norm
  • Carefree winter holidays in ski areas => the video
  • The official website of the South Tyrol Tourism informs currently about the acutal Covid-19-norms.
  • Modificated cancellations fees for you: Reservations can be cancelled until 7 days before arrival

Our "stay saves" for you ;-)

  • Room and rest, wide-open spaces and well-being: these have always counted among our strengths, both indoors and outdoors. We only have 36 rooms, as providing generous space has always been a vital factor here. The wonderful garden, with its many secluded corners, the extensive terraces, the “whisper trail” and the new pond all mean holidays of comfort and space. Everyone who has ever been here will know the glorious wide-open spaces of our high plateau – and anyone who has yet to walk or cycle through the forests and meadows around the little village of Hafling now has even more reason to discover the Mesnerwirt!
  • Precious – and safe! All of our employees have of course been well trained (and they get tested continuously). Disinfectant dispensers can be found in your room and throughout the hotel, while all relevant surfaces are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.
  • Culinary (and other) delights: You' ll enjoy our daily buffets with big choice! and there is of course plenty of space to be found throughout the hotel: this remains a matter of great importance for us.
  • Masks: It isn't obligatory to wear the mask i our hotel zone. But near the buffets we kindly ask you to wear the mask.
  • WELLNESS: The pool and saunas are accessible as normal as the virus is not resistant to chlorine or high temperatures. There are also plenty of secluded areas and open spaces for carefree holiday enjoyment.
  • Air conditioning? We don't need it – we prefer to let the fresh, clear mountain air in. It is in any case much healthier, and is exactly what we offer: a fresh breeze! 
  • No day SPA: we guarantee plenty of space in the SPA area, so we will not be offering a day SPA.


Fully prepared, relaxed and enthusiastic, WE are very much looking forward to your visit. With – of course – precious moments!

#simplyhappy :-)

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Excellent and varied cuisine.
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