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Family tips

Summer vacation with the whole family in Merano


Wide meadows, wild forests, farmland, as well as unspoilt nature in the distant, sky-high mountains – rekindle the joy of existence as you explore the area around Hafling with your little darlings.

Friendship with trusty (and trusting) Haflinger steeds, exploring the Meran countryside for themselves on foot, or simply splashing around in the pool; whizzing down the pistes of the Meran 2000 ski area in winter, or enjoying wild toboggan runs on the Alpin Bob (also open in summer). Whatever they choose, one thing is sure: happy children mean happy parents. For the latter there is also the panoramic garden, spa sensations and culinary delights to experience, rounding off the family bliss.


Giddy up! Galloping over the Tschögglberg mountain above Meran, with marvellous views of the beautiful spa town, the landscape and mountain summits all stretching off into the distance, yet close enough to reach: this is the picture you see as you ride through the natural surroundings on one of the attractive, blond Haflinger horses. For children, few things come close to a ride on horseback. Find out more here about how to keep the kids happy in the saddle.

Alpin Bob

On the rails, get set, go! All-year-round toboggan fun at Meran 2000: the Alpin Bob is a dream come true for all luge fans. The little ones will squeal with joy as they zoom down the mountain at speeds of up to 40 km/h, sometimes as high as 12 metres off the ground, like a roller-coaster skimming over the treetops and off into the blue yonder. Great fun too for mums and dads, an exciting, exhilarating experience that guarantees plenty of Alpine adrenalin!

Hiking / walking

“Look, look over there!” – even mini-couch potatoes will be delighted as they scamper over hill and dale, run alongside the Waalwege – the ancient irrigation channels – or creep like scouts through the forest, exploring and investigating the natural world of Meran and its environs, while the adults stroll along, perhaps enjoying a chat or just the silence, breathing in the fresh mountain air and letting the landscape take its effect on body and soul. Family-friendly wellness in the great outdoors!

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Excellent and varied cuisine.
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