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Crystal clear views, fresh mountain air and agreeable temperatures.
Enjoy the golden autumn with all its benefits!

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Riding in the fascinating landscape of South Tyrol


Child-friendly and gentle; sturdy and strong; good-looking and warm-hearted – all of these are ways to describe the Haflinger. The horse, mind you, not the people of the village! Although the description might also apply to some of the locals too…

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The Haflinger or Hafling? The term “Haflinger” here does not refer to the inhabitants of the village of the same name, but rather to a particularly robust and equally sweet-tempered breed of horse, with a chestnut coat, blond mane and fine features. The horse takes its name from the village, not the other way round. Yet another reason to saddle up and gallop over the pastures or gently trot through the woods as – in Churchill’s words – no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle!

Various riding stables and horse breeders can be found on the Tschögglberg mountain and in and around Hafling. Most are just a few minutes distant from the Hotel Mesnerwirt. Whether for trail rides, riding lessons, carriage trips or just a visit to feel the warm breath snorting in your hands or for weaving a blond mane – Haflinger horses will capture your heart.

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