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Wellness & Spa

Wellness holiday at the Hotel near Merano


As the door closes, 1,000 more open: entering the spa area, calm be can heard, fragrances felt, one’s own self encountered. Thoughts may roam wherever and as far as they will. The soul is now what counts.

Caressed by warmth, borne upon scents, gently swayed by the water. The senses guide the feelings, body and spirit may rest. Walnut, quartzite and glass. Warm colours, fine materials. Everything whispers to you to think of yourself. Live your luxury. Drowse in the jacuzzi, find peace in the sauna, sink into a good book, swim a few gentle lengths – everywhere you feel a little closer to the “I”.

Fire, earth, water, air – the power of the elements is used in the beauty refuge at the Hotel Mesnerwirt to treat the posture, skin and hair, indeed the whole presence. Massages and treatments have only one aim: irrespective of the element in which a person feels best, it should be completely their own. Or perhaps shared: it is not always merely the prosecco that produces that tingling feeling in the elegant surroundings of the Private Spa.

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Excellent and varied cuisine.
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