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The pool area of the Hotel Mesnerwirt


Dive in and dive under the blue waters of the pool, for a feeling of weightlessness and a general flow. All is in flux.

Gurgling, roaring, flowing – water is at the very heart of the matter, rushing from the rock, gushing from the showers, now smooth as a mirror. It bubbles and massages the guests in the jacuzzi so they close their eyes and drift away in a dream world. Water is a versatile element that can both soothe and invigorate.


The design of the pool facility has a calming effect, with its gently curving indoor form and crystal-clear water in the blue basin. Just outside is the garden for sunbathing and fresh air: in the summer like an open-air pool, in winter a boost for the body’s defences!

Rocky waterfall

A waterfall that splashes from a rock wall – what could be better for washing away worries than a stream of soothing, refreshing water on the back?


For anyone who wants to go against the flow, or simply feel their back being massaged by the gentle water pressure: the counter-current is perfect for bathing, swimming or massage – all in one.

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Excellent and varied cuisine.
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