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Crystal clear views, fresh mountain air and agreeable temperatures.
Enjoy the golden autumn with all its benefits!

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Sauna & Relax

The sauna area at the Hotel Mesnerwirt in South Tyrol


Hot stone on hot skin. Consciously perceiving the elements as you do your own body. The scent of wood hangs in the air. Time loses its meaning, a soothing feeling of warmth envelops the body and the soul regains its equilibrium.

Far more than just a sauna, this is a world into which you can retreat, a place dedicated to well-being. Room to be, space for yourself – a wonderful world of well-being! Everything else can wait. From the dry sauna with its Alpine touch (made of original hay-barn wood), your gaze travels outside to where a Kneipp pool awaits those who wish to prevent illness before it rears its ugly head, with a hot-cold strengthening of the body’s defences. In the brine bath the magic strength of the rock crystals surrounds those looking to relax, while the bio-sauna allows guests to sweat gently in the midst of scents that are reminiscent of childhood mountain adventures; a trace of meadow, hay and wood.

Peace and rest

Time for quietness, time to rest. On water beds with fleecy covers, on comfortable loungers with uninterrupted views through the glass façade. Gneiss, walnut, silver quartz, stone pine: well-being here is not a matter of chance, it is the result of a perfect harmony of colours, shapes and scents. Pale and dark, cold and warm, gentle but powerfully effective.

The Tyrolean hay-barn sauna

Relax at 80° in the atmosphere of a Tyrolean hay-barn. As your gaze travels outside to the fresh air refuge and the Kneipp pool, the romantic sensation of the Alpine pastures is heightened inside thanks to the original, old wood of a hay barn.

Fresh air refuge & Kneipp pool

In order to strengthen the body’s defences, a sauna visit can be followed by a trip outside to the oxygen shower. And if the shower is not enough, you can dive into the Kneipp pool for a short, sharp shock with a long-lasting effect.

Pine room bio-sauna

Not for nothing is the stone pine known as the “Queen of the Alps”. Its wood has a mild, rounded and warm scent, redolent of the autumn sun. Its positive effects have been known for centuries. A healthy sweat at a maximum of 65° and the mellow scent is ideal for all those who prefer gentle warmth. Selected herbs produce scents in this sauna as they disperse in the air with a soothing aroma that also relaxes the senses.

Brine inhalation bath

A treatment that not only opens up the respiratory system, it also clears the thoughts: inhale sea air and exhale your everyday cares. This is a bath for the lungs and the skin that helps strengthen the immune system while alleviating skin complaints and respiratory problems.

“Dolomiti” aromatic steam bath

Thick clouds of scented steam: the “Dolomiti” aromatic steam bath lets you breathe with all the senses. Mountain scents, meadow scents – breathe in your surroundings and enjoy the “Drei Zinnen” sensation…

Family sauna & family steam bath

Saunas are also for children, or for the whole family: the 80° heat will strengthen the family’s defences! The dry sauna or textile sauna are perfect for a quick “blast”, while the family steam bath is ideal for gently sweating together.

“Elementis” rest area with waterbeds

Cuddle, lie, rest, doze or to listen to gentle sounds on the soft, warm waterbeds that yield to each movement, producing a feeling of weightlessness as you relax and develop regenerating forces.

“Silencio” silent room

The “Silencio” room is the place to relax following treatment so that the recuperation process can begin, allowing it to anchor itself deep inside: the relaxation that comes after relaxation.

Wellness garden

Oxygen, green leaves, the scents of forest and meadow – wellness in its most natural form. The wellness area at the Hotel Mesnerwirt extends into the great outdoors, bringing with it a sense of well-being. The wellness garden offers a beautiful peacefulness, lovingly tended flowerbeds, a small garden pond and quiet corners, with a trail that leads through a small beech wood to comfy cocoons and swing seats.

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